Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Starting a Blog!

Being a strong headed, undiplomatic and opinionated person isn’t that easy as it sounds. It is complicated to be truthful, courageous, and straightforward, to some extent careless and yet political to make a balancing act in discussions and debates. The biggest challenge in a disagreement is to stand by your principles without sounding rude and sarcastic. We seem to offend people around us more often than usual just by calling a spade a spade.
Therefore, I have decided to enter the blogosphere where I can put my thoughts into words and express my views in broad-spectrum without the constant fear of rubbing people the wrong way. However, in no way do I suggest that the blogs I will be writing will be prejudiced beliefs and outlooks. In contrast, the satisfaction of presenting a two-dimensional perspective is what I am looking forward to. I also expect to enjoy the healthy discussions on board thus opening the doors of my wisdom further. I will be writing about my family, some singular experiences, my humdrum days and sometimes about the current affairs that hold my attention. It is also my irresistible love for writing that has brought me to this juncture. I would like to believe that if I was not an Engineer, I would have refined my scripting skills to make an occupation.


  1. Nice start, luking fwd to more...

  2. Know what u mean...been there...say something & everyone hisses...