Sunday, May 23, 2010

Time Management is the Key

This post is dedicated to all those people whose excuses in many conversations start with “I really want to, but don’t have time to…..”. Assuming that they are not lying, I am absolutely in awe of such folks - how come they don’t have time to execute some basic tasks, unless they live in a parallel universe that has only twelve hours on the clock. Hello, do you know that a clock gives you two rounds of twelve hours in a day?

I am sure there are many more occasions where lack of time has been used for defense, but following are the issues I have come across more frequently:

1) No time to call your friends – You don’t have time to call your friends because you are occupied at work or school and are super-busy at home, cooking, cleaning, personal time – yeah, yeah, yeah; point noted. Call when you are driving or shopping, invest in your friendship, buy a bluetooth. (this one may sound like a telemarketing ad, but seriously guys, find a better reason).

2) No time to exercise – Being physically active in any form, be it spending time in the gym, or going for a walk, has become more essential with the introduction of computer based work culture. The president of the United States has time to work-out, don’t tell me that you are busier than he is. If you are employed, go during your lunch break, or work-out after work. If you are a stay home parent, go when your children are sleeping, or join a fitness club that has a childcare. I am sure everyone has heard of Wii fit or yoga that can be practiced at home. In short, where there is will, there is a way!

3) No time to supervise children – This message is mainly for parents who let their toddler children roam around in the neighborhood without any adult supervision. I don’t mean to be a social police, but come on, your children deserve better. It is immoral, unsafe and especially unlawful to leave your child unattended. Yeah right, you need a break too, have fun until someone calls up the child protection services or god forbid, if there’s a mishap. Once you are in the lockup, you will have all the time in the world to focus on these trivial matters.

4) No time to socialize – By that, I do not mean social networking on facebook, orkut or twitter. If you have enough time to tweet, scrap and comment on every silly update of a contact sitting in another continent, then you most certainly have time to socialize with people around you. Trust me, it is absolutely normal to hang out with real people once in a while.

5) No time to pursue a hobby – Hobby is not a part of your schedule, but an activity that interests you beyond your routine. So, of course you need to put in a little extra effort to take time out of your agenda, be it music, arts, computers, sports or blogging. Even if you choose Farmville as your hobby as opposed to gardening, so be it. So what if you are harvesting in an imaginary world, you are still having a good time, right? If you still aren’t convinced that you could squeeze in your favorite activity in your lifestyle, then I know the one that’s perfect for you – clock collection.

So people, please don’t give time crisis as an explanation for things you really want to do. If you do, you are projecting yourself as an incompetent and disorganized loser who is leading an unfulfilling life. Next time a friend asks you why you haven’t been in touch, just say that you have been lazy. Laziness is far more acceptable apology than lack of time.


  1. I retired this past year and one of the difficult adjustments was facing the fact that I no longer had any excuse for not getting things done. I don't have time was no longer an excuse. It was a real wake up call for me. I agree that we need to own that we are in control of our time and only we can make things happen.
    Good luck with your new blog.

  2. I am gonna read your blog now onwards!!

  3. don't do this Rajee !! I will now have to look at myself as the laziest person instead of being the busiest :) very well written ..

  4. You give some great advice!!! ::)